Decor & Style, April 2002

The Barbara family’s condo at the Horizon downtown was the subject of an 11-page spread in Décor and Style in April of 2002. Here, Brad served as a project manager, coordinating the developer and designers to orchestrate a serine, luxurious home accented with Brad’s signature fine woodworking.

Owner’s comment:

“We bought a condo in San Diego before it broke ground and we bought in with the terms that we wanted our own contractor and we bought it white. This was going to be the first tower built by a company in Canada. This was asking a lot from a contractor, as there were going to be so many rules and delays and disappointments. Added to the fact that I am a perfectionist and we live in another state!

The products we chose were all high end and came in from so many different states and countries. Most were especially made for us. We chose Bradford Fox for our contractor and I must say, he was very calm and patient through most of the build out. To say it was a challenge would be an understatement. Bradford Fox did the best he could with working with the Bosa Company and setting schedules and getting the products up the elevators. It is very stressful doing a build out when I could not physically see what it looked like as I was not allowed up. Photos were taken as the project developed.
We are very happy with our condo and it was published (eleven pages) in the DECOR & STYLE MAGAZINE. I would also like to add that we are still friends and in speaking terms with Bradford, even after we are finished. Several of our friends have contracted with Brad to do their build outs and the work has been very high quality. “
Jackie and Peter Barbara